My Spring Break!

Hello everyone and welcome back! In this blog post, I will be telling you all about my spring break! I went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.




It was so much fun! There are so many rides to do, I lost track!  We got these card that you wouldn’t have to wait an hour in line for just one ride! What was also cool was that because we stayed at a hotel near a river, we got to ride a boat every morning to Universal Studios! But Universal Studios wasn’t the only theme park there was. There were two others! Island Of Adventures, and Volcano Bay! Volcano bay is like a water park. The Island Of Adventures is like Universal Studios. It has lots of rides, too! I also went to see Harry Potter world. Harry potter world is split up into two theme parks. Universal Studios and Island Of Adventures. Universal Studios has Diagon Alley. It has the Gringots Bank ride. It was my favorite ride of all! On the Island Of Adventure side, It had the ride Flight of the Hippogrif and inside the Hogwarts castle, it had the ride, The forbidden journey. Theres a lot more to do there, too! You can also go to Disney World. Theres even more then that! I hope you’ll get a chance to go soon! Well,  thats all I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and bye for now!

(Stay tuned!)

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