• 6th Grade
  • Update On Life #1

    Hello everyone and welcome to my blog post! This post is about an update in my life. So, without further a do, let’s get started! My sister’s birthday is in 4 more days! She’s not a big party person, so we’re not really doing anything like that, but we will probably order cake. My grandparents […]

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  • Minecraft

    Hey guys and welcome back! In this blog post, I will be telling you all about Minecraft! So, Minecraft is a game you can play on the computer. You get to build what  ever you want and I think that it’s a fun way of letting your creations fly! There are two main modes that […]

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  • Snoopy!

    hello and welcome back! In this blog post, I will be telling you a little about Snoopy! I know that I posted about Snoopy, my dog, but this time I wanted to tell you a little about the real Snoopy from Charlie Brown! So, here we have a picture down below of what he looks […]

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  • Cute Animals From Disney Movies!

    Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I will be showing you some really cute things! I hope you enjoy! Our first cute thing is… Pua! Up is the really cute pig from Disney’s Moana! The next cute thing is our cute little friend, Stich! Stich is the koala/alien from Lilo and Stich, a Disney movie. […]

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  • My Dog!

    Hello! In this blog post, I will be sharing all about my cute little Dog! Snoopy is a playful, kind, lazy and sweet dog. His favorite game to play is fetch. He likes to meet other dogs in my neighborhood. He is very fond of two of them. There names are Bella and Lulu. Here […]

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  • Quiz – A – Mania!

    Hello everyone and welcome back! in this blog post, I have prepared some… can you guess what it is? It’s a QUIZ TEST! In this quiz test, you will learn some educational stuff, some random stuff, and some cool stuff you probably never knew about! So let’s get right on to it! Here is the link. […]