🤔What Punctuation Mark Am I?


I believe I’m the question mark. Curiosity, mystery, wonder, nonsense, and more fills inside of me. What’s that? I’ll go and see! I may be sometimes nosy, but I don’t really show it. Who’s this? It’s the neighbor’s dog! 🐩

I’m used to ending questions in sentences. Questions like “Did you break the vase?” or “Can I have your cookie?” maybe something like “I didn’t do it…or did I?” I could also be used in something like this: And so the journey has come to an end. But has it really? We might never know. 🧐

I’m full of mystery, wonder, curiosity and more,I hope you see; All these things are what I think of me!

Hope you liked it! 😊 Bye for now!

Love, Samiya M🌸

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