Warriors: Dawn of the Clans: Thunder Rising⚡️

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post! Today I’m going to talk about the book I’m reading! I’m reading Warriors: Dawn of the Clans: Thunder Rising by the author Erin Hunter. Warriors is a series of books based on another series in the books (Which is really confusing) based on wild cats who try to survive. To help explain this a little bit better, let me put it this way: Warriors is the name of the over all series of these books. Inside these books that the author makes is sub-series, like Dawn of the Clans which is the one I’m reading, or Power of Three, or for another example, The New Prophecy. The genre of this book is children’s litrature fantasy novel. The reason why I chose this book is because my mom gave me the first sub-series to this book which was Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail, then I decided I would finish this sub-series and move on to the next book. That’s all I have for today! Bye for now!


-Samiya M. 💜

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  1. I know all the sub-series can be really confusing! I had to look up the Warriors books in order just so I could read them all when I first started!

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