Hey guys and welcome back! In this blog post, I will be telling you all about Minecraft! So, Minecraft is a game you can play on the computer. You get to build what  ever you want and I think that it’s a fun way of letting your creations fly! There are two main modes that you can be in. The first one is creative, where you can get items for free and build whatever you want.

Survival mode is a mode where you have to mine for gold or diamond, you

have to kill animals to get food, and make your own shelter. There are also monsters in Minecraft, such as a creeper, which can explode, damaging a chunk of your world, spiders, skeletons, and more! There are different levels of monsters that you can add to your world. If you go to settings, you will see theres a difficulty level on the monsters. Easy, medium, and hard. Easy means that there are less monsters. medium is a little more than easy, and hard is the most amount of the monsters.

There are also killer monsters. There called killer monsters, but they really aren’t. There killer animals. Such as a killer bunny. It’s eyes are red, unlike the other bunnies that you can see if you spawn them. They are white in color. If you are in creative, they wont do anything to you. But if you are in survival, when you meet eyes with the killer bunny, ether get out your sward, and be prepared to fight, of run. It will attack you. And if you lose all of your hearts, you will die and return to spawn. Speaking of spawn, let me tell you about it. You can also change your spawn point. And how do you do it? Well, it’s easy! You just have to go in your chat and type in this: /setworldspawn, and you have changed your spawn point!

Well, that is all that I have to tell you for today! If you think that I should put something els about Minecraft in my post, please tell me in the comments below!  See you all later! Bye!

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